ETOX Common Use

There are several instruments available to our lab through the Etox Department Common Use Facility. These are often helpful for pesticide analysis. Some of those available are:

HP 6970 GC/MS


HP 1100 HPLC-API 2000 MS/MS

Laminar Flow Hood

Liquid Scintillation Counter

Agilent 6420 Triple Quad LC/MS

Refrigerated Centrifuge

Often our research objectives require us to utilize one of the following facilities:

Granite Canyon

Aquatic organism test subjects are often treated at The UC Davis Marine Pollution Studies Laboratory at Granite Canyon, and analyzed at our lab in Davis. This facility also conducts applied toxicology research in watersheds, estuaries, and coastal waters. More information on the facility can be found at:


UCD NMR Facility

Our lab often collaborates with researchers at the UC Davis NMR Facility on environmental metabolomics projects. Further information on the facility can be found at:



Tjeerdema Aquatic Toxicology AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY Lab

UC Davis