ETX 10—Introduction to Environmental Toxicology (3)

Lecture—3 Hours. Hazardous substances, their effects on humans and their actions and movement in the environment. Emphasis on substances of current concern.

ETX 102A—Environmental Fate of Toxicants (4)

Lecture—3 Hours; discussion—1 Hour. Prerequisite—Chemistry 8B, 118B, 128B, or consent of instructor. Properties of toxic chemicals influencing their distribution and transformations; action of environmental forces affecting toxicant breakdown, movement, and accumulation; sources and occurrence of major classes of environmental toxicants. Not open for credit to students who have completed course.

ETX 120—Perspectives in Aquatic Toxicology (4)

Lecture—3 Hours; discussion—1 Hour. Prerequisite—Chemistry 8B, 118B or 128B, Biological Sciences 1A, or consent of instructor. Toxic substances, their fate in marine and freshwater systems, and their effects on aquatic organisms, populations, and ecosystems. Emphasis on substances and issues of current concern. Offered in alternate years.


Tjeerdema Aquatic Toxicology AND ENVIRONMENTAL CHEMISTRY Lab

UC Davis